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I haves quick question. I already have the booster plug on my 06 R1200GS. Would the IICE Cool work ok with this or would it work better paired up with the IICE Air? Your price for the IICE Air is reasonable and I would buy it if it would benefit me later when the IICE Cool is available. Thanks.
That's a good question. Spoke, and several other ADV folks have asked it.

Here's the short answer. You can try running the Booster Plug or similar product, together with the upcoming IICE Cool, if you want. Though I think the adjustability of the IICE Air is a requirement when using the upcoming IICE Cool.

In high temperatures, running the Booster Plug, or a competitive product, and the IICE Cool together will have the fuel mixture too rich. But since the IICE Air is adjustable, you can run it with the IICE Cool over a broad temperature range.

You can solve that by disconnecting the Booster Plug, or other similar product you have installed, and run the IICE Cool by itself. However, doing that gives up 1/3 of the total benefit of running the IICE Air and IICE Cool together.

That is one of the reasons IICE Air is adjustable.


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