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My New-To-Me 2010 TE250, bought as a dealer demo with 700 miles on the clock.

I didn't even get it home before I took it out and got it dirty

After the initial shakedown ride I immediately knew I had to do a few things:

  • The Karoos on the bike had to go.
  • The rear tail section was going to have to be removed before a trail obstacle did it for me
  • A bigger tank would be a necessity, and, in general, it was
  • FARKLE TIME!!!!!
Back at home and prepped for surgery:

First up, the tailectomy:



Note the addition of a small Touratech rack. I had the big ProMotoBillet rack on my 610 but I don't see the need for it with this bike, as I generally will only be carrying tools, tubes and a snack, with a support truck nearby.
I still need to fashion some crash-resistant turn signal mounts for the rear, but in the front I now have Tusk handguards with built in LED indicators .

However I can't find the flasher relay ANYWHERE. I've looked at the usual locations, behind the headlight, near the fusebox, but it seems to be missing! Anyone with a 2010 model that can chime in where the flasher relay is I would really appreciate the help!

Cockpit mods: the parking lamp was missing when I got the bike, , so I just used the existing wires for GPS power. Also for some reason the bike came with the old style mirrors so I splurged and got a folding enduro mirror. Rox Risers are a must when you're as tall as me... I had to reroute the throttle cables but the other lines and wires had enough give to not cause trouble.

IMS Tank Install is next. Here's the old and new side by side. The IMS tanks carries the extra fuel low and shouldn't negatively affect the handling

The bits that come off the stock tank. One problem is that the fuel pump is relocated to the side of the IMS tank while it's well protected on the stock tank. Consequently the red plastic fuel elbow is slightly vulnerable and a potential failure point. This may have to be addressed at some point.

A longer front bolt (right) made life a lot easier when it came time to mount the new tank

Getting the tank to fit was a bit of a chore, and the shrouds don't fit as well as before, but it still looks pretty good... A little gas cap bling helps

Finally taking shape... Karoos are replaced with Dunlop MX tires. IMS Tank is on... Tools on the rack, TT pipe guard and TT case saver installed, which were some surprisingly affordable bits (for Touratech) . Ready to ride again

Last weekend was the shakedown ride with the new tank and tires... My game was way off and I couldn't seem to hang on the singletrack , but that was my fault and not the bikes... The bike handled itself magnificently, and once I got comfortable on the ATV trails with more margin of error, I really enjoyed myself.

Final shot: by the Rio Grande with inmate Mikrow in the background...

I'm looking forward to many more miles and smiles with my skinny Italian Mistress

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