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I have a question that maybe is going to get me in a lot of Trouble, But I need to ask it anyway, well is mire a "suggest/Question".

How come we have this amazing source of information (on this very posting) but people keep asking the very same questions day in and day out about Tires, oils, gasoline, pipes, light bulbs, etc, Can we just make "Monthly Buckets" or something like it and just toss all the related questions & answers into this "Hubs" in hopes to keep the forum more organize and also keeping more relevant, innovative and interesting posting on the top for longer.

Again just a idea, But man if you have being a member for ten years like me, you have to agree is getting kind of old to read the same thing again and again and AGAIN SOME More.

Ps: Yes I do know the "Search" function is totally dysfunctional and it SucksGoatsAss
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