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Originally Posted by johnjen View Post
It is the way of things on these sites. Many don't know where to look and because it's easier to just ask, as in start another thread, that’s what happens.

And for those who are new to the site it helps them 'get involved' by answering and asking questions. And so the cycle repeats. And along the way new stuff gets added and old stuff gets brought back up and the cycle repeats.

Such is the way of popular web sites.

Come On John that is kind of a big excuse more than anything else, Just look at the Thumper Forum for example, Hell I feel Scare shitless to ask a question there about my 640ADV since everything is really well organize and most of the time you can find all your answers with just a little reading.

I don't know I still think the "MegaThreadfest" concept makes sense to organize the crap a little more..

Then again I will Hate you have your Job, Man I will Nuke half the postings that is for sure.
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