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"What do the temperature offsets mean?"

Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
The IICE Air is adjustable to one of 4 settings. The settings represent 4 different 'temperature offsets' of the Intake Air Temperature (IAT).

The 4 settings are:
0C offset (Uses factory-installed IAT sensor)
-10C offset
-20C offset
-30C offset

IICE Air is factory set to -20C offset.

Important note: Without the -10C adjustment, the device will not work with the future products.

At the -20C setting it performs identical to these devices:
Link to other Intake Air Temperature offset devices.
Originally Posted by Jltrd View Post

Do these settings correspond to a range of outside temperature ranges? Or would we have to try different ones until we find the one that works best? Thanks.
Good question. The four settings are offsets of the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor input to the ECU.

For example, if the outside air temperature is 30C/86F, and the IICE Air is set to a -10C offset, then the ECU thinks the air temperature is 20C/68F.

30C air temp - 10C negative offset = 20C ECU input.

The ECU gets a 'negative offset' air temperature input, and thinks the air is a little denser than it actually is.

It responds by richening the mixture during 'leading throttle acceleration'.

And if you ask me what all that means I'm gonna smack you and point you to the first post in this thread, to the list of links to informative posts.


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