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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn View Post
Come On John that is kind of a big excuse more than anything else, Just look at the Thumper Forum for example, Hell I feel Scare shitless to ask a question there about my 640ADV since everything is really well organize and most of the time you can find all your answers with just a little reading.

I don't know I still think the "MegaThreadfest" concept makes sense to organize the crap a little more..

Then again I will Hate you have your Job, Man I will Nuke half the postings that is for sure.
Ricky, it's been this way since the beginning. We don't nuke posts, never had. Yeah we move them when needed and in some forums they might get merged, but he-doggies that is a TON of work and usually raises a shit storm to boot.

If some one or a group wants to stay on top of GSpot-Oilheads in real time with it's nearly 2 pages of thread changes/additions PER DAY. I guarantee ya they won't last a month before burn out kicks in. And that is just 1/2 of GSpot, let alone the rest of the site.

The phrase herding cats is an apt analogy for a reason. There are 3-4,000 active participants during the majority of the day and it falls off to around 1,000 late at night. Now if you or anyone else wants to volunteer to create a master index of all the topics in GSpot I'll gladly lend them a hand. In fact Tagesk's FAQ thread is a wonderful resource but most n00bs don't seem to know about it, let alone use it.

That is both the magic and the complexity of ADV rider. Which is why it takes n00bs a while to figure out what is where and who is who. We done growed up big time. And with that growth comes complexity and shear numbers, of everything.

My advice is to use google search to find the info you want. For instance when I used google to search for the Bosch FR7LD+ spark plugs, ADV came up as the 1st hit, and my post that mentioned them in particular.

There is a way to find what you are looking for you just need to know how.

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