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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
And you don't suffer the summers that I do!
I'd die down there. I'm not very heat tolerant.

Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
I have my bike on high beam all day everyday I ride and I use an electric vest all the time. Heated grips? I don't care for them. Plus I know better than to run too much stuff.

The wiring in some of these photos speaks volumes to me!
I think the factory wiring is messy to start with. I'm picky about keeping things neat and orderly and it's hard to do when you have a bundle of wires splitting out all over the place under the main tube.

Originally Posted by redboots View Post
A lot of people worry too much!

So long as the FINS are in the breeze, it'll be OK... and the installation doesn't look like a dogs dinner A little bit of juggling helps.

I'm leaning towards mounting the regulator just like you have yours. It will be close to the battery and it should be fairly easy to mount there. I will use the old VR mounting location for my additional fuse block so I can keep things neat (only really adding the GPS and one power point though I've considered adding lights since I'll have the power and sometimes ride in the dark where more light would be a big safety improvement).
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