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Originally Posted by Acewell UK View Post
Hi All,

I was speaking with Bob earlier today by email and he suggested that I read this thread.

His ACE-S11 BMW boxer speed sensor is leaving me tomorrow and heading over to the US - paypal took an age to transfer the funds for some reason - echeques - don't you just hate them.

Total price including postage is 20 which I think works out at about $33 USD at the moment.

I've got a few more in stock and I'll be getting more in April.
They are really easy to fit.

I've explained a few bits about the battery charge light, which I'm sure Bob will detail on here soon. The double triangle is a Hazard warning symbol, the battery symbol on the old version of the ACE-2859 is the charge light but is intended only for car type alternators not motorcycle. Anyway, Bob will provide more details.

There are some new models in the pipeline, with many more functions.

Please note, these sensors are 2 wire hall sensors, and as far as I am aware are not compatible with other makes of speedometer without addition of a resistor and some transistors.

We don't sell ACE-2803 / ACE-2853 / or any model in the ACE-27xx range over here any more, the UK model is ACE-2856 (and ACE-2859 for cars). The LED warning lamps are not visible, they backlight the warning lamp symbols to meet EU regulations.

Acewell UK
Craig thanks for helping out the customer all the way from the UK. You guys rock. Baja Designs is still brand new to the Acewell line so we are still sorting through to see what cables we are going to be offering with the units we sell. We do inlcude a universal cable with all of the Acewell computers we sell. We are hoping to have the cables listed on the website really soon. And we will take note to sell the BMW cable since its seem to be popular via this thread. The line of the Acewell units we carry is very limited so we opted to carry the one unit that does everything so the customer has the option not use certain functions... You can find the Acewell product on our website at
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