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My parents got me a Mini Trail 50, then a CT-70 when I was about 10. Thier intent was to get motorcycles out of my system. I rode both of those bikes into the ground and got distracted by cars and girls in high school. I didn't think much about bikes until I saw a Honda Hawk 650 (circa 1988) on campus one day. It got me so fired up that I actually got a job so I could buy a bike. I didn't get the bike but the job gave me the experience to get my foot in the door at my current company where I met my wife of 11 years.

About two years ago, at the age of 34, I was going nuts from nothing but work and home life and that old bug came back. I plotted, planned, and researched for six months and decided on a 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S. I got the bike and my wife, mother, grandmother, etc. all told me I was nuts. One of my wife's friends told her to let me do it and I would get bored after a year and sell it. Instead, I rode it 12,000 miles and traded it on the DL, which has 3500 miles in just a couple of months. If it's above 20 degrees, not snowing, and I don't have anything to haul, I ride my bike and enjoy every minute ('cept the crash two years ago).
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