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Here are guidelines that I have used with my son over the last few years:
- appropriately dressed (over-the-ankle footwear, long pants, long sleeves, gloves, full-face helmet)
- must be able to reach footpegs
- must understand the importance of holding on and not falling asleep
- And for me.....the first few months, stayed within 10 miles of house within 45 mph zones (so that he could get used to the experience)

Lastly, in my opinion, those "toddler belts" that some people use to strap their kids to themselves are dangerous. In the same vein as "dress for the crash, not the ride", could you imagine having your child strapped to you as you're tumbling down the road?

A 4 mile trip to school in 35 and 45 mph zones when he was 6:

A 80+ mile trip to an OHV trail just last year (7 or 8):

I had a friend trailer his bike down for me:

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