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Hi Dave,

The general rule for Acewell computers is that if the part number displayed on the screen is underlined then it is compatible with hall sensors. For the past 3 years all units sold in the UK have been hall sensor compatible. Not sure about those sold by electrosport. Diego, are yours underlined? I can't tell from your website as the photos are stock catalog pictures.

There is no way to tell from the part number as the same part numbers are used for both hall and non-hall versions. The only difference is where the sensor wire is soldered onto the PCB inside - hall sensor versions are soldered to the connector marked hall and non-hall sensor versions are soldered to the connector marked speed. PCB in both versions are the same.


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I just received the sensor, and I am about to order a speedo unit. The big thing I have noticed is that various sources list Acewell units that are compatible with the sensor (hall sensor). The only one that I have found that specifically calls out compatibility is the 3xxx series. Is there actually a list of units that will work with the mentioned sensor? The 28xx was the one I am interested in, but I would prefer to know before I jump.


74 thru 81 R90 ish.......
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