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Just Get Out and Ride !!!
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Excellent Topic. Thanks to everyone for offering their opinion.

We live out in the country on a beautiful section of road right at the base of a ski area. We have bike traffic all summer long. I have a 2yr old who , Runs to the window everytime a bike passes. He really lights up every time he hears me crank up on of the steeds. The wife and I have had to conversations about when is a good time to:
A) get him his own bike (4-5)
B) take him for a real ride. (we agreed on 4-5 depending on a few things)

My dad bought me my first bike at 7 and I briefly remember my first ride with my uncle at 5-6? @ 47 I've been riding a long time and feel that all the information here has been very useful. Putting a child on the tank of of a KTM450 and riding in circles in the grass is one thing but ploping them behind me on the Strom would be something totally different. There I agree with those who state the kids feet should reach the pegs and ATGATT.
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