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Curious as to why this post is going unanswered

Great questions chiba. I'd like to see a response as well.

Originally Posted by chiba View Post
Kindly discuss the "quiet" claim in the light of them having that giant scoop on the front of the helmet.

Quiet compared to what? I've found precisely zero flip-ups that are as quiet as traditional full face helmets. For instance, I currently use both a Shoei Multi-Tec and an RF-1000. The RF is exponentially quieter than the MT.

I've got an older Schuberth. Good helmet except for the "pop-forward" method of venting the face shield. As soon as you do that, the noise goes up by a mile AND the face shield vibrates so much it affects vision. Does this new Schuberth have the same face shield venting method?

Not to mention the real bottom line: PRICES. Your website has them listed at $699. Why should I buy a C3 when I can get an Arai for $200 less?

More importantly, will replacement face shields be available for more than 60 days after the helmets hit our shores?


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