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Cody, WY to Great Falls, MT
Fri. June 4, 2010 Day 5
Total Mileage Today: 372
Total Trip Mileage: 2,325

Got a late start out of Cody. We hung around the camp park sucking up wifi and what not. Today we were headed up to Montana via Yellowstone National Park and the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. The day started out well enough.

I would totally live in that outhouse if that was my backyard .

But soon there were some not so happy looking clouds coming in off the mountains.

Not long after, it started to rain. We went higher, and it continued to rain. It turned to a bit of snow flurry around the turn off to go to Red Lodge. I assumed Nikki's vest was keeping her comfortable, as I felt her head bounce off my back a few times because she was dozing off... Anyhow, we entered Yellowstone NP from the Northeast corner, right at rush hour.

But the weather was so damp and dreary that we just motored on through and out the North Entrance.

This was probably the day that I realized that my new Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots (advertised waterproof) were not waterproof . Not too much I could do about it now.

We stopped for some Pizza right outside of Yellowstone. Talked about stopping for the day (even though it was early) or maybe pushing ahead till we hit some dry weather, and set-up camp. We decided to push on a bit as we felt better after lunch.

We entered Montana.

And then ran head on into a storm. This one looked like the real deal. It was like one of those storms we get in Texas that spin up those things that are always pickin on trailer parks.
It's amazing how exposed you feel in a storm while on a bike .

My dad would always tell us that the best thing to do while driving through a storm was to haul ass. He'd see all those people pulled off on the shoulder and exclaim "pussy's" as he hit the accelerator. I guess it mostly worked out ok for him - I am still here. Anyhow, I guess I carried that little nugget of info with me and decided that was the method I would use. There wasn't really anybody else around that I could accuse of being a pussy, but non the less we hauled ass straight through the storm.

We made it though and stopped for a break.

Those eyes are telling, aren't they?

I liked this picture a whole lot, but it is a bummer about the orange construction fencing at the base.

Now, here I have 2 things to apologize to BigDog for. #1. Sorry about the small font, I hope this is better
#2. We camped this night at a KOA - as BigDog puts it (and rightfully so) "the death of camping"

We had come out of the forest and into the plains in Great Falls. We were pooped, and it was the first place we came to. But holey crap $43 bucks ! I guess it is still half of what the motels were wanting, but still, I wasn't even planning on using the water slide or the "Kountry Kitchen"

Well, at least we don't have to worry about bears... for tonight.

FWIW there was another camp park in town, but they had, umm... some "permanent residents"

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