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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
If the remote sensor is anywhere on the bike, it is subject to the heat from the bike. The several and various tests I performed proved that. A consequence of those tests was that I proved it to myself, because I was believing the same thing.

If you want the sensor to not be affected by the heat from the bike, the sensor must be mounted 5 feet to the side of the bike. I'm not joking, that's actually how it is. I performed those tests too.

Yes there is no substantive difference between the slightly slower response time of a metal enclosed sensing element, vs. a plastic enclosed element, vs. an exposed element.

The IICE Air uses separate sensors and also uses the stock Intake Air Temperature sensor. Multiple sensors makes it adjustable.

Something to note Babo, if you decide to get the second IICE Cool product. If the IICE Cool is used in conjunction with other non-adjustable products, the motor runs too rich.


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While I have not preformed any scientific tests as you have, I have a hard time believing that traversing down a road at 35,45,55,65,75mph that the temp sensor would not see a difference if behind the oil cooler,next to exaust pipe, ect... than some where that gets outside ambient air flow.

edit: are you saying that the intake track gets the same air as ambient outside air?
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