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Originally Posted by grpweld View Post
While I have not preformed any scientific tests as you have, I have a hard time believing that traversing down a road at 35,45,55,65,75mph that the temp sensor would not see a difference if behind the oil cooler,next to exaust pipe, ect... than some where that gets outside ambient air flow.

edit: are you saying that the intake track gets the same air as ambient outside air?
Good thoughts. I was thinking all those things before doing the tests.

Here's one way to visualize it. There is no "outside" airflow on a bike. You're either 'downwind' of something that's putting off heat, or your not. If you're not, then the airflow reaching you is ambient temperature.

In answer to your intake air temp question, yes. When the bike is moving, the intake air snorkel gets ambient air.

When the bike is stopped however, there aren't any cool spots. Everything is picking up convection heat. Under the seat, up around the steering head area, the intake snorkel, everything.

On kind of a side note, here's something worth mentioning. Heat also travels from one object to another through radiant transmission. Radiant transmission is based on whether the hot object is in your line of sight. If you can't 'see' it, and I mean that literally as 'in your line of sight', then it can't conduct radiant heat to you.

That's why a simple non-contact opaque surface will block radiant heat from an exhaust pipe, no insulation necessary. And why it's cooler (ambient temp) in the shade.

Also, radiant heat is independent of airflow. It doesn't travel through air, it travels through space, in all directions, in the form of infrared light.

So if you mounted an air temp sensor so that it could 'see' an exhaust pipe, then the sensor would receive radiated heat. By 'see' I mean that the exhaust is visible from the vantage point of the sensor element.


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