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After a bit of giddiness, reality sets in.

"No hablo espaņol..." is the first thing that comes to mind. Only, in English - because I can't speak Spanish.

Then, of course, the typical weather related/what to bring questions start to flow.

This then leads to the whole "How am I going to carry all my sh...I mean, a...all my gear around down there?" If you've ever seen my bike on the road you know why I'm nervous.

Not to worry about the whole language thing. A couple of Spanish books show up one day. SCS. She also picked up a nice waterproof map. A trip to the library also gets me some Spanish CDs that I eventually rarely listen to.

How do you say "I'm so screwed" in Spanish?

The following weeks are spent preparing for the trip. When I say 'prepare' what I really mean is replacing any gear I may have been thinking about replacing anyway. At least that's SCS's loose interpretation.

Thankfully, PWRCRZR roped me into a little wager early this winter in an effort to help us both lose some weight. He's kicked my a$$ 9 ways to Sunday (he apparently thinks this is some kind of race or something) but I've still managed to lose 25 pounds or so. 31 is my official goal. Plus, I've even managed to get to the gym this winter instead of hibernating so I'm certain this will be helpful.

Getting directly off the winter couch and onto a bike for 10 days might not be the best plan. Thanks again, David (PWRCRZR). Bastard.

More later...

These are our Golden Years. ~ EC

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