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Howdy, Kai Ju!

Hi There, KJ!

Some Inmate was bitchin' a few days ago about scratching up his tank with the foreskins/elephant trunks on the nozzles. I was in a hurry and didn't dig out this thread to link for him but did tell him that you had a nifty little solution for the problem and that he could search out your thread.

** Off Topic **

Luvvin' the SHawk and it would have fitted in beautifully at the KOA at Bike-Half-A-Week; I had three young, (very young - the oldest turned 22 on Saturday!), squids & one squidette from Georgia camped right across from me, their Zooks stripped about as far as a bike can be and complete with flip-up-when-moving license plates and all. They were a hoot and none of them got killed, (though Birthday Boy did, in a moment of inattention while over on "the strip", trip and get a pretty good patch of "sidewalk rash" on his right cheekbone just after mignight. I bought him breakfast later and helped him flesh out a story about the honey who looked like a cross between Brooke Shields and Sandra Bullock (in earlier days), her 6'8' (at least!), 280+lb BF (not an ounce of fat on him, shoulders <--------> this wide, etc., etc.!), and the exception taken to young squid's advances. I'm betting he ran with it when they got back home. :) despite their best efforts, and their eyes lit up and they listened intently ('course, they were drinking free beer at the time ) when I told them about your SHawk. What they would have done to/with it had they had the chance doesn't bear thinking about! Pic of "Squid Camp" attached.

Gonna ride the SHawk to the local HOG Chapter's annual Chili Cookoff today (yes, I'm a Life Member of HOG and have been for 13 years or so) and the Tyler Chapter is riding down to join in (I bought the Street Rod there so many of them know me, too) and I'm thinking that your Rad, Red, Snarky SuperHawk, parked smack in the middle of a sea of chrome-laden or blacked out cruisers, some of their owners in full uniform with bandana pulled down over eyebrows and ears, Jesse James style (What a DORK!), will look a whole lot more like a Hawk in a flock of pigeons than a duck out of water.

Hey! an old man's gotta get his jollies wherever he can find 'em! (Pics will be taken!)

(Started a thread in "Thumpers" you might find interesting seeing how you handled a bunch of the KTM parts being addressed. See "Thinkin' 'Bout Doing Something Stupid ..." if you find yourself with nothing better to do.)

** Hijack OFF **

Best to the luvverly Mrs. Kai Ju and your neat kids and
Have a great big juicy weekend!!
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