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Originally Posted by ridepjride View Post
Thanks for the reply.

Any 6'2" (or taller) riders with this fairing? Wondering how effective it is at reducing noise at highway speeds. Lots of variables, I know...earplugs, helmets, individual sensitivity, etc. but rider height plays a role.

I like the noise level without a fairing, but would rather not have the push to the chest at 60-70 mph. The KTM windshield takes pressure from the chest but adds noise. The gap at the bottom of the Britannia relieves some pressure drop at the top of the shield, so I've been told, and should reduce some noise.
I'm 6' 01+" and have this fairing. With screen all the way up, wind hits me at about my eyebrows. A bit of buffeting noise, but takes all pressure off chest and most of head. I think Ian may have a windscreen with a lip on it that may increase the bubble size... I saw one somewhere around here.
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