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Mojave National Preserve

I crossed into California near Nipton and turned south on the Nipton-Moore and Brant Roads.

These roads followed the rail road tracks. It was a fun track with one of these sandy or rocky wash crossings every 1/4 mile or so.

I'm in the Ivanpah Valley along the base of the New York Mountains.

I'm starting to have fun; finally in a desert mood.

Occasionally the road runs up on the rail road grade and you have to contend with the crappy rail road gravel.

I hook back up with the asphalt at Cima and follow the trains towards Kelso.

I start thinking about where to sleep as the shadows lengthen.

I make it out to the Kelso Dunes and find a free spot just before sunset.
This will do.

I have no time to set up camp. I grab the camera and head out onto the dunes to catch the sunset.

I return to the motorcycle and cook up some dinner. The Kangaroo Rats come out of their burroughs at sunset and began pestering me. It's clear they are used to being fed. I chase them away and they just come right back. I don't want to contract the Hantavirus!

I crawl into my nylon mobile home and read some before falling fast asleep. Desert Dreams

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