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Day 2 Mojave National Preserve

I'm awake at first light and packing up camp.

The sun peeks over the Providence Mountains.

The plan this morning is to check out some of the spots around Hole-in-the-rock before heading north to Death Valley. Hole-in-the-rock is east of the Providence Mountains. I could ride back to Kelso and take the main pass road, but this powerline road through Foshoy Pass looks fun.

Looking back at the Kelso Dunes.

There are two roads that nearly parrallel each other through this pass. One is on the left and appears straight and boring. I took the route on the right, which goes much higher and is very twisty. It has been graded recently and was in excellent shape.

On the east side of the pass the road becomes straight. You can see long distances, but I cannot see the paved road I know runs north across the valley. I know I'm getting close.

Finally the road appears when I'm right on top of it. I turn left and turn off my brain...

WTF. I ended up on the wrong paved road, which led to this locked gate at a State Park. When I first rolled up here I thought they had closed the National Preserve. I was already thinking about the time-consuming detour and how it would ruin my plans for the day.

I should've been paying attention. I don't have enough fuel range to make these mistakes very often.

I make it to the Visitor Center at Hole-in-the-rock. I refill my water bottles and violate the clean restroom. I was unimpressed with the scenery here. It would likely improve on the hiking trail, but I don't feel like trying that today. I do meet a nice lady in the parking lot. We chat for awhile and share contact information.

Black Canyon and Cedar Canyon Roads back to the west side of the mountains was fairly boring. I'm running low on fuel and must get to Baker.

25 Miles of I-15
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