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Day 3 Love It or Leave It

Up Before Sunrise

The bike was packed and ready to go by time the first golden sunlight arrived.

Time to finish the West Side Road.

Death Valley is a place of extremes. We often think of the extreme temperatures, but it's more than just the climate. Death Valley is a love it or leave it kind of place. I'm sure many tourists and probably more than a few motorcyclists come through here and can't wait to leave. Others fall in love and keep returning.

At the Eagle Borax works I learn the sad tale of a failed business venture leading to the suicide of the owner. How depressing it must've been to try to eek out a living in such a place in the 1880's?

Maybe things would've turned out differently for old Isador if he had this to enjoy the area with.

Then, just down the road I discover the grave of Shorty Harris.

And found the extreme. A guy who loved the Death Valley so much that...

I thought about the extremes of the effect this area has on humans as I rode the rest of the day.

In my own life, I was first introduced to the desert on a trip sponsored by Uncle Sam(Arabian Desert). After enduring far too many multiple-day sand storms, I thought I'd never want to see the God forsaken desert again. The desert never left my heart though. A couple years later my wife and I packed everything we owned into an automobile and like so many other Okies before us, we headed west in search of a better life. 16 years later, I doubt the rest of my family understands why.

I think Mr. Garmin lies a little.

The temporary Visitor Center collects my $10 fee.

Changed the World


This happy family of 4 heads out to enjoy the warm day. There's a toddler in the trailer.

I'm not sure I'd want to share the road with tourists in these while on a human-powered bike.

Holy Cow! I don't think I can afford to continue.

I hear Titus Canyon is nice.
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