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Ordered my 2XL HiViz from Revzilla, tracking # says it will be here tomorrow. I am a big guy with an 18 inch neck, praying the helmet fits. Ordered the C3 also. If the helmet fits I hope to be able to add to the reviews and questions posted herein.
I have been riding with the same group of guys for the past 12 years or so. We typically take at least one week long trip a year together so I am a bit concerned about the daily battery life of the C3.
In the past we all rode Wings, with everyone tethered to the bike. Now we all have bought GS/GSA with the gps and music focus being Bluetooth and getting away from being wired to the bike. While it is VERY cool and not being wired to the bike....especially when off road and the constant sitting to standing and back is really nice too it has created a problem with bike to bike communication.
Only after purchasing the C3 did I learn the unit will supposedly ONLY communicate with other units from the same manu. I had hoped that since I was told it communicates via bluetooth it would communicate with any other bluetooth capable unit....but apparently this is not the case.
If any of you have experience with the communication function of the C3 I would sure be interested in your comments.
Wish me a good fit....
Ride Safe
Nothing profound here guys....just a reminder to enjoy your goes by QUICK! Ride Safe...see ya.
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