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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
I would call it a replacement. I mean, the IICE Air is a similar product, and it works the same way, except it's adjustable.

The adjustability lets it operate better over the full hot and cold ambient temperature range. And it will operate better in conjunction with the upcoming IICE Cool product. The non-adjustable devices if used with the IICE cool will run a little rich, but you can always disconnect them and run the IICE Cool alone, for a 2/3 improvement.


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While there are certainly some well know products in this category that don't adjust for ambient temperature, one of the features of the Booster Plug is that Jens has figured out a way to makes certain that the ecu reads a consistant temperature regardless of ambient temps. He's got pretty charts on his site that explain it, and it has been independently tested to be true.

I get that yours is user adjustable and will be optimized to work with you second, forthcoming product, but wonder why are you are specifically lumping the Booster Plug into this category?
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