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Pictures of Motocicli Veloci classic BMW rear sets

I uploaded a bunch of pictures with captions to my google account. I will only add a couple pictures to the thread here because I am lazy, but click the link and you should see everything you want to see. I can get some higher resolution pics if you want.

First I want to say that I ordered my sets direct from the manufacturer in Italy. They showed up at my door in 12 days and it was cheaper than buying from a local source. During the install I encountered a problem with the transmission linkage (it was not bent correctly). Motocicli Veloci made a new part for me to my specifications and sent it to me, all for free. It was great service, and I truly appreciate their kind effort in making me a happy customer (speak to Massimo if you are concerned about this).

The Install:
Went smooth for the most part. Very easy to install unless you have the same minor problems I had. I encountered two problems. First, the left footpeg was totally crooked after mounting. This may have been because of a bent frame, but my frame looked totally normal to me. I had to create a pair of angled washers to straighten out the peg, looks great now. Second problem, the shift linkage was not correct for my bike. I got a new linkage for free from the manufacturer and problem solved. See my picture album for details.

I have not ridden the bike enough to give you any thoughts on the feel of these controls. I just got it running a few days ago.

Here is the full link to the picture album:

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