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Hi Guys!

If you go to the following thread, you'll find plenty of info concerning my install of the MV rearsets, on my R90 Hot Rod.

At this point I have about 6K miles on the reconstructed bike and I can say this...

I bought my equipment from Omar's Rearsets, even though I knew that they were available direct from Europe. Why? because I was tired of the song-and-dance involved with communicating in other languages, I wanted to be able to readily return the parts if I had huge problems and shipping from Europe is usually very expensive and in the end doesn't save any significant $$$ compared to the risks. (Sorry, but returning parts to Motoren Israel and some of the other suppliers is a nightmare! They kept my parts and my money! ) Omar got my parts to me within three days, quickly answered my few questions and seemed to have a good attitude, even offering me a refund if I didn't like the product.

The RSs make you bend your legs into much more of a racers crouch than standard pegs and while I like that, I doubt that I'd be able to stand it for long if I was an inch taller (I'm 5:11 with a 30" inseam.). On long rides I frequently find that my feet have slipped a little lower on the pegs and I have to get back on my toes but it's no deal breaker but I'm thinking about moving them back just a little (Maybe 1/2".), to give me a scoosh more room. Please note: If you don't keep the balls of your feet on the pegs, you'll drag your boot in turns. A constant little reminder to watch your form!

The stock BMW peg/muffler mounts really aren't intended for mounting rearsets with such a small footprint and mine are no longer sitting at a perfect 90 deg angle, so if you intend to use these rearsets, weld a large washer or other steel reinforcement to the back of the bracket. Thats what I'm going to be doing. Something else to think about is that the brake lever on the MV rearsets is leverage challenged and you're going to lose 80% of your rear brakes stopping power. If you're one of those guys who never uses the rear brake, fine. OTOH, if you're like me and you like using it all the time, you'll soon be learning a new braking technique or scheming about how to change your brake lever length.

Once installed and properly adjusted, the rearsets work flawlessly and really look the bizzness, so I'd rate them at 75 to 80 points out of 100. If my rear brake was more effective, they'd get 100 points no problem.

It's really hard to compare these to the Raask stuff because they're such different animals. The Raasks (An older design.) are much more complicated and you need the correct mounting plate to install them but OTOH, once you have a set of Rassk's, you can easily order whatever parts you need in order to transfer them to your next bike. I just think they're over-complicated and a little clumsy but the upside is that you'll lose less of your rear brake leverage and they work well. Thats a good thing.

So... Do I like the MV rearsets? Yes. Are they perfect? No! Would I buy them again? Considering the lack availability of other/better parts.... Probably, but I'd have to think about it.

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