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[QUOTE=ridepjride;15456507]Thanks for the reply.

Any 6'2" (or taller) riders with this fairing? Wondering how effective it is at reducing noise at highway speeds. Lots of variables, I know...earplugs, helmets, individual sensitivity, etc. but rider height plays a role. /QUOTE]

Hey there -- I'm a bit over 6'2", and I have done quite a bit of highway travel with my standard (i.e. not 690-specific) Lynx, and can report that the improvement is significant. However, pulling the windshield *all* the way up results in an unpleasant buffeting. I run the windshield at about 3/4, and find it very agreeable, it even makes enough still air that I can leave my face shield open about an inch at highway speeds comfortably.... can't do that at all with the KTM 'numberplate'.
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