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Originally Posted by ridepjride View Post
Thanks for the reply.

Any 6'2" (or taller) riders with this fairing? Wondering how effective it is at reducing noise at highway speeds. Lots of variables, I know...earplugs, helmets, individual sensitivity, etc. but rider height plays a role. /QUOTE]

Hey there -- I'm a bit over 6'2", and I have done quite a bit of highway travel with my standard (i.e. not 690-specific) Lynx, and can report that the improvement is significant. However, pulling the windshield *all* the way up results in an unpleasant buffeting. I run the windshield at about 3/4, and find it very agreeable, it even makes enough still air that I can leave my face shield open about an inch at highway speeds comfortably.... can't do that at all with the KTM 'numberplate'.
That's a good point regarding the screen height. We have found that many guys who are taller, choose to operate the screen a bit lower, to make sure their helmet is not at the point where the wind comes off the top of the screen ( where it is at it's most turbulent ).

We experimented with a taller screen with a view to trying to get the wind over the top of a 6'4" guy, but frankly it does not work. You just get more turbulance !

The best way to view this, is that the system will allow you to adjust it to get the best result for you that is possible within the perameters of a dual sport fairing. In your case, this may be adjusting the screen to a height where the weight of the windblast is taken away from your arms and shoulders, but leave your helmet in clean air. Does that make sense ?

Cheers Ian
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