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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
I don't want to read this shit. Wouldn't understand it if I did.

1) Adjustable? Me no likey adjustable if by adjustable we mean I have to tinker with it (altitude, season etc) after I get it set for my home conditions.

2) Do it work?

Answer 1) and I'll trust y'all on 2). You seem like straight up fellas and...I know where to find you. lol.
Thanks sog!

It's adjustable to one of 4 settings. One click less when it's really hot, and one click more when it's really cold.

It adjustable like CamoGreg said above. A jumper setting under a pop top.

Or you can leave it in the middle setting all the time if you like. That is the same as the other non-adjustable products.


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