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Originally Posted by Babo View Post
...Booster Plug...makes certain that the ecu reads a consistant temperature regardless of ambient temps.
Yes that's right, the non-adjustable products provide a single -20C offset from the ambient temperature.

The IICE Air is adjustable to one of 4 offsets.

Set to the -20C setting, the IICE Air works the same as the non-adjustable products.

Originally Posted by Babo View Post
I get that yours is user adjustable and will be optimized to work with you second, forthcoming product...
That's true. But besides the -10 setting necessary to work with the IICE Cool, it's adjustable to work better over a broader temperature range.

The reduced offset of -10 works with the 'Transient Throttle Enrichment' provided by the upcoming IICE Cool.

Originally Posted by Babo View Post
...but wonder why are you are specifically lumping the Booster Plug into this category?
I don't think I am, Booster Plug isn't in that category. It isn't adjustable, and will not work with the upcoming IICE Cool.


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