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Friday was my daughters 6th. Birthday. Twice earlier she rode on the DR-200 out to the river and back. She has gear and a very nice DOT Helmet and goggles. She held onto the waist strap of my jacket and had some armrest bars around her. We never topped 40 Mph. She is pretty much fearless at this age. She has been riding a PW-50 for a year now and is pretty good.
For her birthday I made some higher footpegs and transferred the handles/armrests to my bike. The look on her face was priceless when she realized she could ride Daddy's bike was one I won't forget.
The thought of something bad happening scares the crap out of me and it dictates where I will take her. Only the back roads and no freeways. It has been a great bonding thing for us as its her special time where she gets my full attention.
So friday was the first big ride about 40 miles total. She had to pee and it was a little cold at the end but she smiled the whole way. She did say she was getting tired when we got home, so this is something to watch out for.

I must mention taking a little girl with a pink helmet and gear on around town will get you a lot of waves and winks from young ladies at stop lights. Much like taking a labrador puppy for a walk.

To me its worth it to take her, I also rode with my son when he was 10.
They were storebought so I didnt have the chance when he was younger.
Good safe riding to all.
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