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Originally Posted by CATPart View Post
The length of the rod was perfect, but the offset was incorrect. Basically the linkage offset was about 1.5 inches less than it should have been. You can see in this image that I had to initially use a long post on the trans lever to reach the linkage. Also in the image you see a coat hanger that I bent to the proper linkage dimensions. I would have had to bend and thread a new rod.
I had read your thread, but I was just very surprised that you did not have the offset problem I had. Maybe they sent me the wrong linkage in the first place.

Uhmm... No I didnt have any problems like that but it appears in that photo as if the shift rod is misaligned. Is it mounted horizontally?

Did you check the squareness of the peg to a "known square" point on your frame? Is the lever on the shifter square to the shaft? Try clamping a piece of flat stock on the two frame tubes in your photo and then use a square to check the pegs for squareness. I'd be interested in your findings, either way.

Actually I did have an issue somewhat like yours.

When I first tried to hook up the shift arm, it was obvious that the fore and aft sections weren't parallel to one another but rather than pick up the phone, I opened a beer, took some measurements and started bending until everything looked right, laid dead flat and worked freely when mounted. I guess it took fifteen or twenty minutes to get the bending dead nuts on and some more time to suss out the shifter-arm issue and adjust the rod length but it was fun and gave me an evenings worth of feeling good once the job was done.

After studying the MV website, I approached mounting this stuff from the angle that these things were manufactured primarily for racers and in that venue theres a certain level of expectation that whatever parts you buy, will need to be massaged or reworked before use and that it would be fully expected that the stuff would need to be bent back into shape from time to time. Look at it that way and these parts are near perfect!

It's kool that the manufacturer was willing to replace your not-so-perfect shift arm but I would have just as likely gone out and bought a piece of SS rod and made a new part in my garage.

Since you've had such good luck dealing with those guys, I'm going to contact them and discuss the lousy rear brake performance and see what they have to say. Why not?


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