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“So are you going to camp?”
“Camp?” I gulped as my hands grew clammy and I started to shake. “Hell no, I don’t camp!”
But it was too late – I was firmly in the throes of ex-husband induced post traumatic camping disorder. The flashbacks started: visions of tiny, wet pup tents, cold, damp clothes, icy toes and icier disapproval. My long time ago ex-husband had been a die-hard ubercamper and I had been a camping neophyte. It was not a match-up made in heaven and I still bore the psychological scars. I had vowed to never spend another night in a tent.
Last fall, after owning several strictly street-oriented motorcycles, I bought a V-Strom and started planning some adventures. This May I am planning on heading south from Victoria, BC for 2 weeks and exploring the coast down through Washington, Oregon and parts of California. Then in June/July I am going to spend 4 weeks on a trip to Colorado. The plans for both are to have no plans and stay in motels, B&Bs or hostels along the way. I was discussing these adventures with co-workers when the camping question came up.
Now I’ve been reading ride reports on ADVrider for some time. Seductive adventures close to home and from wide-flung corners of the world. And in a lot of them people camped with no ill effects. The thought started to worm its way into my brain – maybe I could camp sometimes. Including camping in the “no plan” plan would allow for a lot more flexibility. It would be on my own terms and in my own way. It had been almost 30 years after all – it was time to make the attempt.
Cougar tracks
The initial pawprints
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