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I awoke the next morning to dew covering my gear. I slept in. When I eventually rolled out of bed, Rae was there with a plate of fruit to help me greet the day. She stayed outside with me and kept me company as I packed up my gear. I was told I should head towards Homer, considering the weather was still fairly nice and that if I made it there in good time I would be rewarded with quite the view. Content with this I nodded and had me next goal in mind. With my gear packed back up, I took the opportunity to steal a few hits before hopping back upon my plastic steed and followed Rae back into Seward where we met Billy at his work, the great Alaskan Railroad. We exchanged goodbyes and I assured them that they would be hearing from me again. With that, I headed north out of Seward, then west towards Homer.

The ride was fairly uneventful, but quite pleasing. The weather was holding out, but I could see clouds on the horizon creeping in. I worried that I wouldn't make it before the weather moved in, but reminded myself that in the end, it was really no biggy. Don't rush, you'll miss out on the ride. And so I didn't. I took my time, plenty of pit stops to fuel up and get my head straight. I did eventually make it to Homer in the late afternoon, but by then the sky was full of clouds. The air was still clear, but everything by now had turned to different shades of gray. I cruised on down to the shore, following the road until you couldn't follow it any more. This little spit was a mess. Little huts lined the road on either side, cashing in on everything from cheap seafood to kayak tours to The Deadliest Catch cafes (no shit). A lot of people. I putzed around a bit, scoping out the fishing boats and cruise ships that stayed just off shore until the tide provided the depth needed for a timely offload. I even remember poking around someone's odd collection of ancient fishing trollers, nets, bouys, fake castle spires, old autos, you name it, this guy had it. Made for a very interesting back yard. Satisfied that I had seen what homer would have to offer today, I doubled back and headed east towards the mainland, hoping to dodge whatever weather the skies were determined to bring down upon me. I don't remember where I camped, but I know I didn't make it back to the city in time.

I came sailing into Anchorage in the early afternoon the next day. I remember it being a sunday, and it had been drizzling all day. I headed straight back towards the House of Harley, where I knew I'd find shelter for the afternoon while I planned out my next move. I stopped at a Pizza Buffet along the way to dry out and stuff my face and pockets with as many slices as I could. As luck would have it, when I finally reached the House of Harley, the whole company was out back having a quality BBQ. Awesome. Wally, a fellow from the retail section of the shop with whom I had befriended the last time I was here, called me over for some steak and potatos. Awesome. I was sure to reward him with a hell of a space cruise to let the grub settle before retiring to my tent where I listened to the drizzle continue. I spent my time mooching WIFI, watching videos and pouring over maps to plan out my next move. As I mentioned before, this was pretty easy in the great state of Alaska as there were really only a handful of established roads as options. I knew I had to go north, and apparently that's all the info I needed. Munching on cold leftover pizza, I dozed off watching the last few episodes of The Long Way Round.
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