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Originally Posted by bpeckm View Post
His picture is of the initial "incorrect" linkage... they sent him a new one, the correct one. No pics of that. Yet.

Hmmm... I guess I'm dumb enough to need captions in order to follow the story. I'll just shut up!

Originally Posted by maverick View Post
Apologies about the thread hijack but what type of clamp is in the front connecting the airpipe to the bing? That looks like the business for quick and easy removal
No offense meant but looks aren't everything and that type of clamp, used in that particular location, looks too much like a possible trip to the emergency ward for me.

Those clamps are absolutely superior for joining mufflers to headers and so forth but the thought of that threaded shank being so close to my leg, ankle and foot... Well, it gives me the willies just looking at it.

Still.... Not my bike and YMMV!

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