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Great Falls, MT to Glacier National Park, MT

Day 6
Mileage today: 213
Total Trip Mileage:2,538

We didn't have real far to go today, a couple of hundred miles maybe. We are headed for Glacier National Park, but first we have to get through some Plains.

We experienced some of the most intense cross winds through this bit of road. I felt like we were riding at a 45 degree angle against the wind just to stay on the road.

Getting closer to the Mountains.

We stopped for lunch at a burger place that had pie. It was run by a bunch of Hippies and it was really expensive. My burger was pretty raw in the middle and we were too cheap to buy the $7 dollar slice pie. It was a bummer, I really wanted this to be good. Oh well. We entered the Park.

We may not have had the best start to the day, but this is looking good!

This place is incredible! Everything is just so large and imposing.

Happy Travelers .

And the bike that has brought us this far.

As the day started to get late, Nikki and I talked about our camping options. I wanted to camp in the park, she didn't want to get eaten by bears - I guess we are just going to have to compromise. You see, Nikki has an unhealthy fear of Bears. I wouldn't want to fight a bear, but I try to live my life under the assumption that "it won't happen to me." Not that I would go to sleep in bear country with a snickers in my pocket, but I just figure it's not that big of a deal. Take precautions and leave the rest up to chance. We ended up at the Many Glacier campground. It is stunningly beautiful as it is peaceful. There are some other campers around, so Nikki agrees to camp here, somewhat comforted by some crap I spewed about "safety in numbers."

This sign didn't help me sell my point.

We settled on a spot...

...and a short time later, we were approached by the Park Ranger. She just wanted to let us know not to leave any food out or anything like that - on account of a bear that has been frequenting the campsite. It is not easy to put Nikki's bear-a-phobia to rest when it's constantly being brought back up.

We soak it in for a while.

And sleep very soundly through the night without being eaten or even harassed by any bears.

Tomorrow we enter Canada, and see our first Grizzly ( a little too close to home).

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