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After reading and re-reading all of the posts there is one question that has not been answered. Why only one batch of the IICE Air? If your products are going to work as advertised why limit the amount of people that can buy it? I decided to get the booster plug after I read all of the positive user reviews. It would seem that positive reviews of your product would only increase interest.

It takes alot of faith to buy something that no one has tried before especially when it is a one time only offer.

P.S. How much is the IICE Cool going to cost?
Yes brother, and I appreciate that faith. But on balance, you already have tried these products. It was that great running old bike you had years ago.

You already know that the Booster Plug and other similar products work, right? The IICE Cool works the same way, and then some. It works better in very warm, and in very cool ambient temperatures. And like you said, it's adjustable to work with the upcoming IICE Cool.

It seems likely that just as there are BP fans making noise in here, there will be BP fans making noise that something I made didn't work. Don't worry, a person's negative comments will not change how well these products work.

Why 2 weeks? What can I say, I'm not a retail sales guy. The way I see it, this will all be over in 5 days. The sales period I mean :-) :-) :-)

Pricing? The price for the upcoming IICE Cool 1100/1150 version will likely come in right around $100, maybe a little less.

The IICE Cool model for the CANbus bikes could be a little more. That will depend on what I sort out during development. For example, if the IICE Cool ends up being a node on the CANbus, then the price will be a little more.


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