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Originally Posted by Jon-Lars View Post
You measured that rod to a hundredth of a degree?

...and a hundredth of a millimeter?
lol...yes and no.
First I bent the coat hanger to the desired shape (seen in one of my images). Next I do a trick with the computer where I take a photograph of it, load it into a CAD program, scale the photo 1:1, then I just use the software to draw on top of the picture, creating a 3D model of the part. When I make the drawing from the 3D model, the dimensions automatically come out to 2 decimal places. I didn't bother making the extra effort to round the numbers. The manufacturer will apply the appropriate tolerances anyway, which in this case would be simply getting it close enough. Here is an image of what that process looks see the CAD model drawn over the picture of the coat hanger with the digital caliper used for scale reference.

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