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Spent a bit of time last night reading through notmybikemodelname's thread about his super light F650-R. Lots of good info.

Last post was:
Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname View Post
When laminating with epoxy, you should do all of the lam at once. If you don't you have to sand the pasrt before finishing. When laminating with polyester you can and should do multiple layers to keep the shrinkage down, but only if you're not using a finsih resin or adding surfacing agent. If you do, then you need to sand the surfaces before lam'ing again as surfacing agent will act like mold release and your part will delaminate.
Figures I'd find that thread right after I'd poured some more resin to try and fill some holes in the shock guard mold. Didn't bond at all in most places, but bonded well enough in other spots that I think I have to start all over. Bah.

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