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Originally Posted by wachs View Post
YIKES man!

Glad you made it home (the ONLY thing we have to prove is that we can make it back to where we started eh ? )

Full coverage is smart on the big twin
I did think about saving some money on insurance when I paid it off two years ago,
But I gots me at least some smarts, and kept full coverage.
But, apparently not quite enough smarts to avoid this.
And yes, I felt PROUD, that KaTy M made it home after, twisted handlebars, fooked forks and all.

Originally Posted by oldmonkeybut View Post
Damn! Welcome to our club Apple Jam. Glad you came out alright. I know all too well the sounds and the feeling. I won't soon forget the sight of my GSA sliding down the road then launching itself into a midair barrel roll off into the brush. Full coverage insurance is certainly worth the money. At least it looks like your stuff stayed strapped to the bike. My debris field looked like a plane crash.
Yes, I recalled your story, all night last night.
I bet my tent and sleeping bag stayed on the back of the bike better than Monkeywife did....
The road was shitty and I was aware of it. No moss or road slime "snuck up" on me.
My crash was a very slight concentration mistake on my end. No shit about it.

Originally Posted by Petrolburner View Post
Damn Jeff that sucks! Tough bike though, and at least it's not peak riding season.
oldmonkeybut noticed how well everything stayed strapped on back after the crash, Petrolburner.
Rokstraps ROCK, I tell ya !!

And that was one of my first selfish thoughts after,
"Glad it's not Summer, being without for a month would sure suck then"
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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