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Originally Posted by Petrolburner View Post
So anyway, hell of a great weekend, not even all that cold. Here's a slew of pictures.

We did get turned around at the snow line trying to cross over Maury Mountain on Sunday. Nice looking panniers Jeff, you should try sliding them on pavement sometime just to see how they hold up

That was a GREAT campspot, eh?
LOVE the "5 MPH" sign.
Did you go that slow through those corners?
I think not...
Two up, with a brave, smiling woman on the back, Petrolburner can ride

Yeah, that was it, that's the ticket,......
I was just "testing the panniers"....
The left one held up just good enough;
it absolutely sacrificed itself to completely save my left leg and foot from major harm.
I will always wear hard panniers. I knew they would pay off someday.
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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