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fix it,,
let them total it and get another,,
go for the buy back if it's cheap enuff,
the first time my insurance totaled my GS, I bought it back and fixed it for less than a grand,, the last time I crashed it, it was well and truly broken, and not worth the effort for the buy back,(and parting out, in my bike's case)
look well at the numbers they offer to start, you can always contest their award as invalid by showing supportive 'for sale' examples. Smile, and say thank you, but don't accept their first offer.
Get on the ball with this,,you have places to ride and people to meet,,call the insurance adjuster every day for updates,,not your agent, the adjuster in his lexus on his way to a golf game,,every day, every day,, every day,,"when can I expect a new bike?",, you will of course replenish the tank of gas I had just filled when the "#^*!&*#! pulled in front of me!
never mind me,,I know exactley where you biffed it,, and I have a separate attitude about that. I'll be nice,, and just say,,"dumbass",,good you get to try it again, now find a way to the april fools campout or come and borrow the klx and ride it all the way down there as punishment! By now you should know,,sheriffs can't catch you anyway,, he was headed for coffee and frikken donuts in town,, you coulda been doin a hunnert and somethin,,,but that would be silly with them road conditions,,dumbass! You do try though I know.

As you go thru life you'll learn,
two rules that never bend.
never whittle towards yourself,
or piss into the wind!

yer up and walking,, and looking good!
(well, that's relative, I'm sure yer Mom thot you were cute),,the rest of us,,,,
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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