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How timely.
I adjusted my /2 R60 valves last nite.
Probably for the first time in 8 - 9000 miles.
In the first 10K after rebuild, I checked 'em every 500 - 1000m, and gave up after 12K, cause they hadn't budged.
Didn't check 'em at all last year. Another 8000 miles. Bike ran fine. There is one little tap, however.
So, being completely bored, I pulled covers yester, and whipped out the feelers. Guess what?
Dead on, both sides.
Then I read this thread, and went back to Elaine's Tech Article.
I'd been doing right all along, but didn't realize that a push rod could be bent...and that might be the source of the unidentified tappety tap...
How badly could the rod be bent and still operate? And if it IS bent, how long will it continue to operate in that condition?
Another 68,000 miles?
Just a reminder, ride every chance you get. You just don't know how soon it can be taken from you. T.Low
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