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Originally Posted by OhBoy View Post
Considering the Lynx and am wondering about a thing or two.

Does it take long to get used to the "adventure" fairing? When riding does not being able to see the front tire bother anyone with a Lynx? I know that when standing this issue would become moot. At 5' 11" about how far ahead of the bike might the ground appear when seated?

I could make my own observations with these bits of info.
How high above the handle bars at the risers does the dashboard rise. Also how far in front, of the same bar from a verticle line, is the top of the dash?

The quartz lights would be a huge improvement over the stock, Extending the season with the fairing would be a huge plus.

If anyone has or can get this info, it would help me decide.
Get the Lynx!! You will not be disappointed.
My last KTM was a 950 adventure and this is a lot easier to see around then the stock fairing on it was.
When seated in a normal seated position, not attack position, I can see the ground about 5'6" in front of the bike. That's measuring from the center of the front axle. I'm 6' with an 32" inseam.
The fairing is 12" to the furthest point forward (the "nose"). It is 6.5" to the top of the dash, measured out horizontally and 7" to the top of the dash, measured up vertically. All 3 points measured from the center of the bars and are approximate.
I'm just getting over having that nasty flu that's been going around but did get out for one short ride after dark and the HID is a very dramatic improvement from stock, but of course that doesn't take much! With both low and high lit up you will not have any problems seeing what's coming at you when cruising at a pretty good clip.
I haven't had the chance to get out for an extended ride yet so I still can't comment on how well the wind screen works but hopefully that will change this coming weekend. Hope that help's you decide.
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