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Originally Posted by subybaja View Post
How do they compare in protection/support? They look a lot...uh, lighter in the exoskeleton. The hard parts and limited ankle movement in the Sidis looks attractive for crashing, if not walking.
(not trying to crap up a Vendor thread- just asking for specifics!)
No worries. Those Sidis are really nice boots, we do not sell them but I really like the company. I used to ride KTMs with Daniele Signori and consider him a friend. Sidi's (and Gaerne's) product quality are at the top of the industry, and I feel a notch ahead of other Italian brands.

That said, they fit a different space in the product market. The Adventures have a considerable amount of plastic, much much more than the Balance. They are more rigid, good for ankle protection, but not that good for walking. In fact, they have a similar amount of plastic and support as some MX boots.

Really, the Sidi boot that is comparable is the Discovery. The Discos have a similar amount of plastic, support, and flex. They gather less attention than the newer, more complex Adventures, but they (and the Balance) have a much wider usage envelope. In our opinion, they are better for dual sport use.

The other difference is that the Balance is a wider last. If there is one thing about the Sidi line that I am not stoked on - and it applies to the Adventures - it is that they run narrow. For some people this is an advantage, for me, I need a wider fit. We get few returns for fit with Gaerne, and I sincerely feel they have an advantage here.

Hope that helps.


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