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They-the Husky 449RR- have been in the works for awhile. There was behind the scenes attempt to get a 2011 Husky dakar team, (and baja 1000 team) and rumor had it Mr. Riff Raff himself was asked to get on board. In the end it didnt come together.

Its worth noting the frame and many other parts are different between the G450 BMW and the Husky 449, so kits and the like are not gonna bolt on both bikes. Plus of course the BMW is no longer in production.

The Husky is a dakar natural in terms of the motor, and given all the G450 hiccups it makes sense to prove the motor at dakar.

Ive thought about talking to them, Husky helped my in '07. Who knows. For sure its a bike to consider. That motor has great potential for an endurance race like this one.
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