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I discovered your BT Intercom on the new products page at Good place to sell them if the product stands up to its claims. Anthony at Revzilla rated your system as 'adequate at hiway speeds'. Not outstanding, just 'adequate'. Adequate is a relative term when it comes to helmet noise vs speaker volume. Hearing 50% wind rush against 50% music or conversation is fatiguing at best, annoying and frustrating at worse.

I have earbuds that have dB limiters at 90dB, and on the hiway at 80mph they are overwhelmed by wind noise (Bell Star helmet). I ride a 2006 Honda Interceptor with a Givi touring windscreen, not a Honda Goldwing with 'boy in a bubble' sound capability. At 90dB music through my earbuds sounds more like an annoying swarm of mosquitos than it does music.

Now I like the idea of a boomless system as much as the next guy, but I also know that earbuds beat speakers anyday of the week when it comes to sound volume and quality. Your technology might cancel out extraneous noises internally, meaning they won't pick up or transmit noise other than the users voice, but the human ear does not do this, especially inside a motorcycle helmet which amplifies wind noise in the riders unplugged ears.

Speakers would have to practically be against the ears for optimal sound performance. That's just not the case when you have to adhere them away from the ears against the inner shell of a helmet. If someone tells me they can hear their music loud and clear while cruising on the hiway at 80-90mph from a set of speakers mounted against their helmet shell I know they're lying, or they're sitting inside a car!

Any system would have to be painful to the ear in order to overcome the air gap in the helmet. I know you tout auto volume leveling on this system as well, but then if it is using a safe decibel level for the human ear (90dB or less) it's also not going to be very loud at speeds on the hiway. I highly doubt I could hear my phone playing music through your system at your claimed 137-145mph, let alone 80-90mph.

I know all about white noise and blue noise cancellation technologies, but again how can you overcome the air gap noise generated (speaker to ear gap) inside the helmet? You use that technology in your microphone so that yes, they hear my voice and not the motorcycle, but the speakers DO NOT generate noise cancelling waveforms that would cancel wind noise reaching my ear! Not that that tech is not out there, it's just not available in miniature yet.... sort of. Bose and a few others make noise cancelling earbuds, and they sell for close to $200 all by themselves!

I've seen you start a conversation on another forum (Concours) for riders, and I have to agree with their assesment - If WebBikeWorld gives you a rave review, then I would be inclined to purchase your product. But I also know that BIT Tech puts out some cheap-o BT Intercoms made in China and sold on Ebay, so that really hurts your street cred, IMO.

The unit looks solid, the the tech is solid, but I think it would be suitable at city speeds at best. Music's not enjoyable to a true audiophile unless it's clean, clear, and unencumbered by extraneous noise sources. Bose is one example of headphone and earphone tech that accomplishes this, but in miniature in a comm system such as yours and all the others out there it is, again, not yet a reality. If it were your system would be about $500 or more, not $200, and you'd use earbuds, not speakers.

What are the speaker specs as far as input and output sensitivity, and min/max output volume in decibels? Keeping in mind that normal conversation levels are about 45dB, if it can't produce about 100+ decibels output then it's going to be battling ambient helmet noise trying to reach my ears at an acceptable playback volume on the hiway.

I'm not shelling out $200 to find out I am right, only to find out I can't return them once mounted on a helmet with either the sticky or velcro options.

What say you in response to these arguments?

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