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Originally Posted by mikekay View Post
Its worth noting the frame and many other parts are different between the G450 BMW and the Husky 449, so kits and the like are not gonna bolt on both bikes. Plus of course the BMW is no longer in production.
I sent an email to Speedbrain back in January making enquiries if they were going to make, or modify, their kit to suit the Husky frame, now that the BMW was out of production?

Their response was:
Dear David,
sorry for my late reply!
In the near future weŽll not switch our Rally Bike to Husqvarna. Sorry!

Best regards,
Katja Kunerth

I thought this was an odd response considering that the BMW was out of production, so to now see an entry in the ADDC listed as:
"Husqvarna Monster Energy Speedbrain - TE 449 RR"
makes you wonder if they really understood what was going on?

So the question still remains, for those wanting to race a Speedbrain TE449RR in Dakar 2012, do you need to buy not only the Bike, but also a blank G450X frame, so that you can mount the Speedbrain RR kit?

Will be interesting to see what Touratech come up with.
According to Touratech UK, they are working with Safari tanks in Aus to build a long range tank to suit the 449.

Its a little unfortunate, that waiting all these years waiting for a long range tank for the 450/510 Huskys, Safari finaly release it just as the bike model is superseeded.
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