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Every 60k miles? I thought that was the magic number for transmissions? Anyway, I think it all depends. Even for '81 to '84 models. Yes, a lot of them do have valve issues before their time but some don't. Other model years have valve issues before their time as well but not in such large numbers. Personally, I have seen a lot of exhaust guides with around 60k miles that could definitely stand to be replaced while you are in there but they usually aren't shot although I HAVE seen it. IMO, it's rare that you take some heads off with any kind of miles that still have perfect exhaust guides. I wore out a set in 60k miles in my LS but those heads warped beyond usage in another 25k miles. I don't think that is common but, still, I wouldn't have called the guides completely shot. My current ride's heads and guides are doing fine at 100k miles. I plan on fixing them when they need it. That could have been 60k miles ago or another 60k in the future. Who knows?
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