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We pulled into Campbell River and quickly found a spot to hole up in until the storm passed. We just had coffee but the food must have been good because the place was full in spite of surly wait staff and glacial service

Once the rain stopped we continued south along the coast road. The wind had really picked up and the sea had gotten quite rough which made for spectacular views.

Cape Mudge Lighthouse at the entrance to Discovery Passage.

This is a cargo barge on it's way to Alaska. The tail end of the tug is barely visible on the far left of the photo. There is a steady stream of these tugs and barges heading to and from Alaska all year round. To get an idea of the size of them those are the same containers that you see towed by semis on the highway and on train cars.

The wind and cloudy skies didn't stop us from having a great ride back down to Qualicum Beach. The coast road was the original highway before the four lane inland highway was built. It winds it's way right along the shoreline and through a few small villages of two or three buildings. As we neared Qualicum we left the main road to stop briefly at Deep Bay.

When we stopped at the turn back onto the highway Grizz said to me "Wanna take a short cut?" and pointed at a narrow road across from us. Although I'm always ready for a new adventure my off pavement experience is next to non-existant, however this was paved so my answer was "You bet!!" and off we went. A hundred feet down the "short cut" the pavement ended. The road turned into gravel and dirt pocked with deep potholes. Well, OK, I can do this. I got up on the pegs a bit and quickly got the hang of it. I was feeling pretty good and thinking this was really fun then we turned a corner and WATER! Lots of it. The potholes extended all the way across the road and were filled with muddy water. To me it looked like a veritable lake. Grizz was quite a way ahead so there was no way I could chicken out, that's not really my nature anyway. Full steam ahead! I met that first puddle square in the middle. It turned out the water was over a foot deep - not much to you guys I'm sure, but remember, I've never done this before. The resulting wave cascaded into my boots and the bike bogged down. I thought "I'm not laying my bike down in this!" and gave her some more throttle - we were through! And on to the next one, and the next, and the next. It was awesome! I felt like a real adventure rider! Now I was focussing on what I was doing and hadn't watched Grizz at all. When I pulled up beside him at the end of the road he looks at me and says "Wow, you went right through the middle of those! I stayed on the edges." Why didn't I think of that!

Believe me, this felt a whole lot more impressive than it looks. I wish I had a picture of me going through but I did jam out of doing it again just for the photo op

By this time I was feeling the cold and my feet were soaked. Earlier I'd decided to give the camping a miss that night due to the cold and I was now facing a 3 hour ride home at best so when Grizz said to me "You sure you don't want to sleep on the couch?" I jumped at the offer. Before you all go there, he was a perfect gentleman and no sheets were harmed in the course of this ride report. Thank you so much my new friend!
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